Six Days

There’s no shortage of drift videos on the internet. I typically avoid posting them because they’re all the same; shot on a DSLR, with lots of fancy color correction and a mediocre soundtrack. But if there’s one you should watch, it’s Stephen Brook’s coverage of the 2011 Maxxis British Drift Championship, Six Days.


This video is well shot and beautifully edited. It’s taking the same formula we’ve all seen and tweaking it. Drift events are as much about the atmosphere and culture, as they are about the cars. Six Days captures that beautifully.

Video production, on a consumer level, is more accessible than ever. I think it’s fantastic. Never would I have imagined that a DLSR could capture cinematic quality video. But with all of this technology comes a problem. It gives the consumer a false confidence, that they too are a professional director and cinematographer. The reality is that a majority of these videos fail to execute the foundations of shot structure and proper editing. Filmmaking is not photography. You can’t just capture a decent shot, bump up the contrast and call it a day. It’s about storytelling and bringing the viewer along for the ride. Six Days does that and does it well.

Video courtesy of Stephen Brooks.


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