That’s A Wrap

Uncertain futures, broken gear boxes and team orders. The Grand Prix of Brazil and the 2011 Formula 1 season, are in the books.

It’s always sad to bid farewell to a season in any sport, but what a season it was for Formula 1. Red Bull executed absolute domination over the sport. McLaren started shaky and finished strong. Ferrari never quite rose to expectations. Renault and Team Lotus fought over names.

It was a tumultuous and exciting season. Despite Sebastian Vettel’s overwhelming winning streak, the rest of the grid remained unpredictable.

There’s been some discussion on whether or not Vettel’s gear box was actually broken, today at Interlagos. Some are saying that it was a Red Bull ploy to gift Mark Webber his first (and only) victory of the season. I’m sure more details will surface in the days ahead. I’ll be doing a recap of Brazil and the 2011 season this week, so stay tuned.

Photo courtesy of Red Bull & Getty Images.



  1. Very excited for next season! I am going to the Austin race, are you? Dig the blog by the way..

  2. Just read up on that, they have until tomorrow to make the call I guess. Lame..

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