Behold, The S206

Earlier today, Subaru announced the STi S206. This car has been a long time coming. For those who recall, the S-line skipped a generation with the GRB, who got it’s own tuned version, the R205.

The S206 will be available with 2 different trim levels; standard and the NBR Challenge edition, pictured above.

The car receives the usual STi upgrades, including a reworked Bilstein suspension, upgraded engine internals, and a ball bearing turbocharger. The power has been bumped up from 305bhp to 316bhp. The car is also equipped with Michelin Pilot Super Sports, which I happen to think are some of the best performance street tires on the market.

I’m really pleased that Subaru are still building cool cars. Many manufacturers have moved their focus away from performance, in favor of greener, more fuel efficient vehicles. It’s great to see that Subaru are still having fun with the STi and are hard at work with the BRZ. I’m sure no expense was spared with the S206, so you can expect them to sell out within minutes of their release.



  1. Like this car a LOT but hope that the ‘touring car’ inspiration that this car draws a lot on (wing, fender vents, ‘nurburgring’ edition, fact that there is a Subaru GVB touring car that predated this car on a lot of the aforementioned design elements) –– doesn’t mean that Subaru is falling away from its rally roots.

    1. Subaru has put rallying on the back burner and I really hope they’ll come back to WRC at some point.

      But in the meantime, I think it’s great that they’re doing touring car racing and SuperGT. At least they’re staying involved in motorsports, which is more than I can say about some of their competitors.

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