Wait A Minute

What the hell is this?

As if the S206 announcement wasn’t enough, Subaru decided to drop another big one today.

Something about this car looks strikingly familiar. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Lets have a look around back. Nope, still the same.

Apparently Subaru and Toyota have done little more than swap badges, for their respective versions of the Toybaru, or whatever the hell it’s called.

I guess the real question is; if this is the BRZ, then what’s sitting at the LA Auto Show right now? I sure hope it’s the STi version that Subaru “plans” to release. I discussed the BRZ weeks ago and I knew those looks and that wing, were too good to be true. This pedestrian-looking, production version is a bit of a departure from the rally inspired concept, we’ve all seen on the Internet. Lets hope the underpowered, ricer taillight equipped BRZ, gets the STi treatment it so deserves.



  1. I spoke with the Subaru rep the other day at the LA auto show. Subaru is producing both versions of the car and both Toyota/Scion and Subaru versions will look exactly the same, albeit some minor cosmetic changes (as you found out, lol). The only real difference will be the badge. However, since Scion operates on the “pure price”, Subaru will be offering different trim levels since they don’t/can’t offer the same pricing structure as Scion. Unfortunately, the STi variant is strictly for the concept and Subaru will not be making a version for consumer purchase.

    1. I knew the BRZ STi was too good to be true. That’s probably why Subaru announced the S206 on the same day, to soften the blow LOL.

      The BRZ has real potential, don’t get me wrong and I’m sure it’ll grow on me more, as time passes. The sooner the tuners get a hold of it, the better.

      BTW, that SuperGT version is nuts!

  2. Big turbo power and Supra/GT-R/RX7 performance is not what this car is supposed to be. It is supposed to be a cheap/affordable sports coupe that is fun to drive. The AE86 Corolla achieved cult status with 115hp and 2200lb curb weight with straight rear axle. This BRZ/FR-S/GT86 is the ancestor of that car, so it has double wishbone rear, 200hp 2.0L and a 6 speed with 2600+ lbs curb weight. I hope the price is right (aka $20k, not $25k like a new WRX is). Even that STi concept had a stock motor, just modified brakes, wheels and aero. I’m excited for this car. Should be a cool car that will hopefully bring some new life to the tuner world.

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