Kimi Raikkonen To Lotus Renault

I never really lost the passion for racing in Formula 1.

The words of Lotus Renault’s new hire, Kimi Raikkonen, in a press release today.

Kimi Raikkonen is stoked to be back in Formula 1. After a less than stellar showing at the World Rally Championship and a stint with NASCRAP, Raikkonen is looking to ruffle some feathers once again.

He’s never been one of my favorite drivers, but you can’t deny that he’ll make things more interesting and that’s a very good thing for the sport. Many predicted Raikkonen would be headed to Williams, after meeting at the team’s Oxfordshire base. But with this week’s news of Robert Kubica unable to make the start of the season for Lotus Renault, talk began of a replacement.

This move means that Rubens Barrichello may have a shot at returning, next season with Williams. As much as I like Barrichello, I think it’s time to bow out, or at least set a date so the speculation can end.

We’re just two days, since the finale in Brazil and already 2012 is looking to be a good season in Formula 1.

Photo courtesy of Renault & LAT.



  1. OMG YES. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. I’m really happy to see that Kimi is going to a team with some chance of success. 2011 can end any time now, this is just another reason to be excited for 2012!

    1. I think joining Lotus Renault was a much better move on his part. Williams is in a state of flux and I’m not so sure they’re going to be a contender next year either.

  2. One of the best drivers fomula 1 has ever produced and i cant rember this driver being eliminated in Q3 and Q2, his return will definately make FI more exciting

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