Subaru STi S206: A Closer Look

The Tokyo Motor Show is happening right now, which explains why Subaru has made so many big announcements this week. The BRZ is pretty exciting stuff, as is it’s SuperGT counterpart, but the S206 is what really has my attention this week.

The standard version of the S206 (yes, there are two), is currently on display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

It could possibly be the most interesting “S” model Impreza yet. From the front it’s just as loud as always, but pop around back and find the wingless trunk to be rather understated.

Follow one of these down the road and there’s little to distinguish the S206 apart from a badge on the trunk. “S” models of the past have always featured a carbon rear wing, but this time it’s been done away with, in favor of a subtle trunk lip.

If subtlety isn’t your thing, no worries, Subaru has you covered. The NBR Challenge edition, is inspired by the Nürburgring touring car and features upgraded trim, including a carbon rear wing and roof.

6-piston calipers have been coming as standard on all the recent tuned STi’s. The cast BBS wheels are new however and I think they look great.

The interior is the usual mix of Alcantara and leather. The seats are newly-designed by Recaro and there’s a push button start. Subaru has always been good with interiors, though not the highest quality, so I’m sure the S206 will remain a nice place to be.

If I have one complaint about the car, it’s the silver door mirrors. Why? They always looked awful on Audis.

Only 300 units are being produced and in Japan only. Subaru are still one of the few manufacturers that keep their special edition stuff, limited to domestic production only. Sure, it keeps up the mystique, but I have no doubt, this would sell out immediately in the American market. “S” models of the past have been around $50000, so I would expect this car to be about the same. It seems like a hefty price for just 316bhp, but you are getting a lot for your money in terms of braking and handling.

Photos courtesy of Jonathon Ramsey & AOL.


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