Vertex World Project R

Vertex has been one of my favorite aero brands since I used to watch the JDM Insider DVD’s. Ueno’s designs were always clean and inspired by the particular car’s existing body lines. They were a departure from the chunky drift kits, seen on a vast majority of Toyotas and Nissans.

I’ve been wondering when Vertex was going to release something for the GT-R. It’s still the most popular tuner car in Japan and it would only make sense for the brand to cash in on that.

Vertex is apparently debuting their R35 GT-R at this month’s Tokyo Auto Salon. For now, a shot of their carbon front lip and I must say, it’s nice looking piece.

There’s plenty of aero offerings for the GT-R, but I’ve never been too keen on most. I’ve always said I’d go for the Mine’s front lip if I ever owned a GT-R, but this one could also be a contender. I’m excited to see the rest of the car, next week. Hopefully they’ll be offering more aero pieces for it.

Photo courtesy of Vertex.


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