The Good Old Days: JDM Insider

I’ve had an absolutely horrendous sore throat since I got home from Hong Kong. Swallow some razor blades and that’s about where I’m at. No doubt, it’s a lovely parting gift from my 13-hour flight.

That’s kept me cooped up at home, drinking tea, watching basketball and JDM Insider.

It’s a bummer Toshi and the 360VM crew aren’t making these anymore. Option and Hot Version are the essentials, but JDM Insider was always special because it came from the perspective of American enthusiasts, looking in. They were the best window, many of us had into the Japanese tuning world. JDM Insider is also what in many ways, inspired me to visit Omori Factory and Top Secret back in 2007.

My particular favorites are Volumes 2 and 5. Most of today’s fan boys probably have no idea what these DVD’s are. It’s a shame because they really are a shining example of how things were back in the good old days 7-8 years ago, when YouTube hadn’t revealed all of Japan’s mystique and people had money to burn on cars, man I miss it.



  1. You aren’t the only one who misses the old days. I had all these DVDs and more from 360vm. They were so entertaining and informative. I wish they made more, but maybe some day they’ll pick it back up.

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