Step Your Wheel Game Up

The Volk CE28N is still my favorite wheel of all time. But I was thinking, what other wheels do I like from Rays Engineering?

With the exceptions of the CE28N and TE37, their lineup is dare I say, lacking? As far as total product lineup, Advan continues to be my favorite Japanese wheel manufacturer. Their booth at Tokyo Auto Salon is a testament to that.

I would rock every wheel in this photo.

For me all of Advan’s wheel designs are timeless. It’s the same case for the CE28N and TE37, but not many of Rays’ other wheels.

Now before anyone decides to pipe in and tell me I’m wrong, we’re talking about aesthetics here, so that comes down to personal opinion. You may prefer Rays, that’s fine too. I’m also not arguing performance here. I know that Volks are forged and most Advans are cast. Although after owning the RS for 6 years, they’ve held up great.

On a different note, I think Enkei have been killing it lately.

Photos courtesy of Car Watch.



  1. Hell yeah. I couldn’t agree with you more sir. And yes, Enkei is definitely stepping it up lately. Prodrive has been looking good also.

  2. Agreed. With each wheel Rays releases, I keep getting more and more disappointed. My favorite wheel manufacturer, BBS, hasn’t been doing that great with their designs either. Advans would be first on my list if I ever wanted to buy new wheels.

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