The GT-R At TAS 2012

I thought 2011 was the year of the GT-R at Tokyo Auto Salon. Turns out even more showed up in 2012.

The car has really come into its own over the last couple of years. HKS had an obviously big presence with multiple GT-R’s on display, but what really stood out for me was the Vertex car. I’m really digging their new front lip and rear diffuser.

The carbon fenders have been left exposed for obvious display purposes, but otherwise a very clean, well executed GT-R.

I love Mr. Ueno’s method of complimenting a car’s existing lines with his aero designs.

2012 was also the year of the Ben Sopra kit. I think the hype of this kit, installed on 3 cars at TAS, has clouded people’s judgement. Let’s be honest, this thing is ugly.

I can appreciate why Greddy is using it on their time attack car, but are people honestly going to be rocking this shit on the street? Not to mention the insane price tag of the thing. Buying this kit means you’ve said no to Amuse, Mine’s, Vertex and Varis. When you put it that way, it seems kind of ridiculous.

Moving on to what was, is and will be my favorite R35 demo car.

Mine’s isn’t interested in wide body aero kits. They’re interested in building really fast, responsive cars. It’s just a bonus that their aero happens to look great and the quality is of the highest level in the industry. Even though they didn’t have the biggest booth or a super flashy display, they’ve still got my favorite GT-R at TAS.

Photos courtesy of Car Watch.



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