360 Detail X JDMEGO

I can’t be bothered to do any more coverage on Tokyo Auto Salon. Subaru was lame this year and there’s plenty of awesome blogs giving you their actual photos from the event.

A lot of people don’t know this, but I detail cars. 360 Detail is a little side project my good friend Nat and I started a couple years ago. Nat is really the pro, I just run the Porter Cable.

This past weekend Jay hit us up to come out and do his Evo IX. I’ve been talking to Jay online for a few years and meeting him for the first time in person, was like seeing an old friend. For having been in a shop the last year, I was really impressed with the condition of the Evo. The paint was immaculate, as was the rest of the car.

This was the only decent photo I took of the car and it wasn’t even finished being cleaned. By the time we were finished, it was dark out. However, Jay posted some great shots of the car on JDMEGO yesterday. Be sure to head over there and take a look at the final product, as well as his new Voltex wing!

The Evo came out great, but that was just a bonus to the awesome day we had, talking cars and hanging out with Jay and Karen. Car people really are the best kinds of people. That’s been proven to me time and time again, with all the great friends I’ve made over the years!

While Nat and I try to get a more official e-mail address for 360 Detail going, hit me up at aclassinfo@gmail.com, if you live in SoCal and are interested in getting a quote!



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