Okachan’s C-SER GRB STi

C-SER is the Impreza tuning division of Yashio Factory, one of Japan’s premier Silvia shops. The company’s owner Mr. Okamura is well known throughout the tuning community for his outgoing personality and flamboyant style.

Okachan gained an interest in Subarus after purchasing a GRB STi as his daily driver. Taking advantage of his experience with Yashio Factory, the STi eventually became a testbed for new parts, including suspension and exhaust components. From there C-SER evolved into it’s own unique brand, specializing in the Impreza GRB and GVB models.

Only Okachan would be able to pull off a lime green STi.

This car has seen many different looks over the last few years. It was originally black on black, with Advan RG-D wheels. Currently it’s taken on more of a demo car look, appearing in both Option and Hot Version DVD’s. The car’s most recent outing was at Tsukuba Super Battle, where it recorded a lap time of 1’01″925.

The C-SER Impreza is currently fitted with the sporty Advan TC-III, wrapped in Neova AD08 rubber. To the left is a glimpse of the company’s newest piece, the Urban Titan Muffler, a quad-tip titanium exhaust weighing around 15 lbs.

Enjoying the circuit life is the tuning philosophy behind this car. Okachan’s goal was to create the ultimate street car; one that could run a blistering lap around the track, without sacrificing comfort and quietness. Although, something tells me that new titanium exhaust is pretty loud.

The C-SER Impreza is equipped with a host of HKS products including their front mount intercooler and a GT2835 turbine. The carbon turbo inlet hose is an original C-SER piece. The whole thing was tuned by Okachan on C-SER’s EcuTek.

If I’m honest, the appearance of this car is pretty ghastly. That lime green paint is for the birds. I’d almost prefer to see it in Yashio Factory pink. At least that color would be relevant to STi.

With that said, it’s very exciting to see another player in the Subaru market and even better that it’s someone like Mr. Okamura. He’s personality and flashiness is what the scene needs right now. I hope that C-SER continues to produce new parts for the Impreza. Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll even start making stuff for the GDB! The quality seems pretty good, although I’ve never seen the parts on any car but Okachan’s.

Photos courtesy of C-SER & Yokohama.



  1. Hello I love your car, great job, will you share the paint code with me, I love the lime green paint, thank you ,Darren.

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