Cyber GT-R

One of the bigger stories from Tokyo Auto Salon was the unveiling of the Cyber GT-R. It’s the latest project from Takizawa-san, the mastermind behind the record breaking Cyber Evo.

Cyber GT-R’s driver Tarzan Yamada, was on hand to briefly explain the project and introduce some of it’s sponsors.

No your eyes aren’t fooling you, that is indeed JDM Insider’s Toshi Hayama. You may also recognize C-West’s President, Omoto-san from JDM Insider, Volume 1.

The car is a long way off from competition, but it seems to be in good hands. Hopefully Voltex will get involved at some stage down the road.

Video courtesy of inline4Movie.


One comment

  1. Cool video! WIll great to see where the Cyber GTR goes and how it will compare to the EVO. I think the EVO really suits the Tsukuba track, smaller more technical track vs the Global Time Attack track in Australia or longer tracks like Fuji. I like the comparison of smaller/lighter cars vs heavier but more powerful cars. “Times” will tell…

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