Mondo X Drive

I used to be obsessed with movie posters. My bedroom walls were a shrine to one of my favorite artists, Drew Struzan. I even e-mailed him once to discuss composition and his personal style. He actually e-mailed me back, which was a real treat and something I’ll always remember.

When I was in high school I used to imagine my own movies, so I could design their posters for art projects. It was a literal obsession and has really influenced the graphic design and creative work I do professionally today.

Mondo have been putting out their own poster interpretations of some of our favorite movies, new and old. Their recent Planet of the Apes series is pretty spectacular and this week they just debuted their latest, an ode to last year’s Drive.

Despite being a mock advertisement, it’s a an excellent piece of art in it’s own right.

A lot of people added Drive to their 2011 top 10 lists and I’d have to agree. There’s 2 things I should probably mention first though: I hate American Muscle (with a passion) and I don’t much care for Ryan Gosling. Naturally I would hate this movie? Wrong. Drive is a fantastic car film and something every automotive enthusiast should see. Director Nicolas Winding Refn does a brilliant job of showcasing the car in its most raw form. The driving sequences are stripped down and real, the complete opposite of the music and CGI-laden faff of a certain other franchise.

Drive isn’t a happy film, it’s disturbed. Some might even call it eerie. I found a lot of parts to be tense and uncomfortable. Not so much because of the story itself, but because of the interactions between the characters. Gosling has the “aloofness” down precisely and really makes a case for himself as a decent actor. Drive is dripping with style and in many ways reminds me of Tarantino’s earlier work, where his stories and characters were at least relevant, to something you might see in real life.

Drive is definitely worth a watch and can certainly hold it’s own amongst the automotive cinematic greats.

Photo courtesy of Mondo.




  1. Reblogged this on my adventure as a… and commented:
    really enjoyed this movie. all the posters were really fun to look at with their maimi vice pink and odd choice of type, but it all worked. I like this poster but can’t help but think that some of it is over the top and in there for the sake of graphic furniture.

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