The 2012 Lotus E20

Lotus are very confident about their 2012 Formula 1 contender, the E20. They’re so confident in fact, that they’ve released this press photo, giving us a proper look at the new chassis.

A number of changes have been implemented on the 2012 chassis. Following in the footsteps of Caterham, Ferrari and Force India, Lotus have also opted for the step-nose design.

This allows for the most possible airflow underneath the car, while keeping the suspension arms mounted as high on the nose as possible.

Lotus released quite a few photos and computer renderings of the E20 and virtually all of them are useless. This is probably the best look of the car as a whole and I must say, despite the fact that I hate the step-nose, Lotus have probably done the best job at making it look decent.

Most of the car’s other changes are similar to their competitor’s cars. The side pods have been reduced and the whole chassis appears to be slimmer. Without exhaust blown diffusers, the cars will be more twitchy and it’s given the aero designers a new set of challenges.

I think more important than the E20, is the fact that Kimi Raikkonen does indeed have the ability to muster a smile. Sure it’s more of a smirk but you can tell he is actually thrilled to be back in Formula 1.

Lotus have a very good shot this year. They have a former World Champion in the driver’s seat and if the car proves to be fast, they could be another point of contention for the boys at McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull. Jokes aside, I’m really pleased Kimi Raikkonen is back in a Formula 1 car, I think it’s going to make for a very good season. I don’t expect the Vettel domination we’ve grown accustomed to the last couple years either.

Photos and video courtesy of Louts & F1 Fanatic.


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