The 2012 Red Bull Racing RB8

Rather than go the traditional route with the debut of their new Formula 1 chassis, the 2011 World Champions hired a man with a camera.

As the day progresses, there will presumably be more photos of the team’s RB8 chassis.

We all know Red Bull Racing’s origins are something of a Cinderella story, but certainly the World Champions (2 years running) would be a little more in depth with the debut of their new contender.

The obvious changes are visible in the press photos and like nearly everyone else, the team’s decided to implement the step-nose design. The raised sides of the car’s nose, give a less drastic appearance than cars like the F2012. It kind of makes you wonder how the new McLaren will fare, being the only car so far, to go against the rest of the grid.

Aside from the 2 press photos above, Red Bull released a 9 minute video of the car. Unfortunately the video was so expensive to produce, that there wasn’t money left in the budget for sound.

A bit of a disappointment from the sport’s most dominant team.

The Internet certainly has more pull than most other types of media, but more teams should’ve taken a cue from McLaren who actually went to the trouble of having the press over for lunch. Even Ferrari cancelled their usual festivities because of a snow storm.

Ultimately none of this corporate marketing really matters once the cars start testing in Spain, which is just around the corner.

Photos and video courtesy of Red Bull Racing & F1 Fanatic.



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