Welcome To The Neighborhood

The Subaru community hates itself. You’re likely to find more pleasant conversation on an Xbox Live, Call of Duty death match. Who would’ve thought that Subaru owners, with their flat brim caps and Steve Earle beards would be such haters? Most of us originate from the Northern corners of this country, where Internet is scarce and an honest day’s work includes skinning a wild animal.

I was having an interesting conversation with my friend Chris. You may remember him for his properly executed STi, I did a feature on last year. Neither him or myself can understand what happened to the Subaru community. The forums used to be a one-stop-shop, for all your Impreza needs. There were tech and motor sports discussions and plenty of gurus to answer just about anything. People were welcome with moderately open arms and it was just an all around good place to be a car guy. So what happened?

This happened.

Welcome to the current state of the Subaru community. Maybe you like this. Maybe you think this shit is steezy. Maybe you think this shit is “herraflush”. Maybe you want to contact this car’s owner to learn more about his “stance”. Maybe you’re a fat hoe wondering why you can’t get a piece of that shit.

These are your fellow Subaru owners and they’re the people giving you advice on what exhausts, coilovers and fucking wheels to buy. These are the kinds of guys telling you to “search n00b” and calling you a trust fund baby because you worked your ass off to buy some Volks, then waited 4 months for them to come from Japan. So really it comes as no surprise as to why the community is the way it is.

Despite this bleak outlook, there are in fact great people in the Subaru community. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of them. You probably don’t know who they are because they’re not the sort of individuals that need your approval. They’re under the radar and off the grid. They build their cars for themselves because that’s all that matters.

Are you mad yet? Have you already started typing me an angry e-mail? I get them all the time, usually from “friends” of owners who’s cars I critiqued. They tell me I don’t know shit and I shouldn’t pass judgement on what I don’t know. What don’t I know about someone who’s “too low for fat hoes” and too cheap to buy real wheels? You created this, I’m just calling it like I see it. You can be the judge on whether that’s fact or fiction.

Photo courtesy of pontiacshaggy84.




  1. Hoes in different area codes…haha
    Kids pay $1k for “sick, polished” Rotas rather than buy $800 legit used wheels, sometime endangering themselves, others, and adding another notch the the replica/knockoff bullet bandwagon.

  2. I agree with this completely. However, seeing as how this trend won’t die anytime soon, the Subaru community (and other various automotive communities) will slowly kill itself with haters and fakers.

  3. I still remember when NASIOC was called i-Club in ’99. We only had two forums: General Discussion and Technical Discussion, with less than 2000 users. It used to be a very close-knit community. Colin McRae was the greatest, Mike Shield was one of the few for Subaru parts, Joel Gat and his technical discussions, and turbocharging the EJ25 came before swapping in JDM EJ20T’s were super common. Everyone helped each other in the then-uncharted territory of discovering and modding the 2.5RS, earlier GC’s, and also the Legacy.

    Now it is exactly like how you put it.. “search n00b,” “herrafrush,” and don’t forget “my parents gave me $xxxxx, how should I spend it…”

    I met some of my greatest friends in my life during those first few years of i-Club then NASIOC. I miss those days.

  4. Even though I don’t get their concept, I get it when they get upset when you question them and their silliness. What I don’t understand is why do they question someone that has tastefully modified his/her car with function before form in mind…

  5. Going off of what Freddy said, I’m tired of this sudden inundation of vendors selling “(insert company name here) Style (insert part name)” parts.

  6. Ahh.. NASIOC. I jetted from that place in 2006. I than discovered most Evo guys are fucking know-it-all idiots also. LOL! Car forums are a disease. Everyone knows more than you even if they only have 2001 Nissan Sentra.

  7. I hate knock wheels and parts just as much as the next guy but at this point us enthusiasts have a larger enemy… CAFE, soon we’ll all be forced to drive electric lawn mowers so lay off the new fad generation of enthusiasts let’s chill on this battle and try to win the war. We need petitions or something letting the companies know there’s still a market for performance based cars.

  8. it went downhill after people stopped trying new things and just wanted to out do each other. but i take blame in helping create this monster. if i could do it over again, i’d build the car following the mine’s philosophy

  9. LOL!!!!! Wow I haven’t seen my car like that since 2008. Thanks for your “critique.” Now before all the bashing on the wheels, get your facts straight. I have been consistently flipping wheels in order to purchase “real” wheels. Some of us can’t afford 3-4k sets of wheels, so I did what it took in order to get my hands on some. If you would like to do another feature on my new car. I would love to send you pictures of my TSX on Works :)/

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