The Actual 2012 Mercedes W03

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about blogging and sharing information over the Internet, it’s that you’d better have your facts straight. If you don’t, someone will call you out on it. Last week I did a post on the “new” Mercedes Formula 1 car. I had commented about how there was never an official press release from the team. There was indeed a very good reason for that, which I came to find out yesterday from a couple readers. The 2012 Mercedes W03 hasn’t actually been revealed yet. I’d firstly like to say that I was wrong and I didn’t have my facts straight. I’ve since taken down my previous post on the car, I assumed was the W03. It was in fact last year’s W02 with certain modifications for testing at Jerez.

A Class can be pretty content heavy from time to time. I do my best at making sure I have my story straight before sharing it with the Internet. But I can still be wrong, so I appreciate the heads up. Anyway, the Mercedes W03 is scheduled for an official release, next Tuesday February 21. In the meantime, they’ve released some footage of Nico Rosberg behind the wheel during a shakedown at Silverstone.

This spy shot was also taken of the car during its Silverstone testing.

Right away you’ll notice a prominent step-nose, very different from the car seen at Jerez.

It appears that McLaren are the only ones not to adopt the new styling change for the 2012 season. Instead they’ve decided to keep the whole nose of the car lower, limiting the airflow traveling underneath. This decision could go either way and we won’t truly know until the season begins next month.

I’ll have more on the Mercedes W03 next Tuesday.

Photo and video courtesy of Roy Powell & Mercedes GP.


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