The 2012 Mercedes W03

With just 4 weeks to go until the Australian Grand Prix, Mercedes revealed their 2012 contender. The W03 made its debut yesterday at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. It sports many of the same changes we’ve been seeing with the rest of the grid, including everyone’s favorite step-nose.

Mercedes Team Principle Ross Brawn says the step-nose is a result of a compromise, which allows the teams to continue using their 2011 chassis.

The improved downward airflow is fed underneath the car and into its side pods.

The lack of exhaust blown diffusers, has produced a less cluttered rear end, with improved airflow.

Brawn’s goal for 2012 are victories for both of his drivers, who were unable to do so last season. I’ve always been curious to see what Michael Schumacher could do for Mercedes in a better car. This could be a definitive season for both the former World Champion and his teammate Nico Rosberg.

Photos courtesy of Daimler & Jamey Price.


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