The Start Is Upon Us

The excitement is building for Sunday’s season opener at Albert Park. The teams and most of the drivers are in town, getting ready for tomorrow’s practice and the usual festivities. However Lewis Hamilton was absent, presumably in the record studio, cutting one last track before his focus shifts to racing. I’ve also heard reports that his unreleased mix tape is on sale at the Ferrari paddock all season long.

Sebastian Vettel was very upset at a press conference, after Kimi Raikkonen did impressions of him for the cameras. Raikkonen also does a far superior Nigel Mansell.

Felipe Massa is getting ready to start one final season of his career with Ferrari. So far the F2012 is performing as bad as it looks and that presents a worst case scenario for Massa, who’s already fighting for his job.

After all the talk and predictions, we finally made it to the start of another Formula 1 season. I’m really excited for this weekend’s race and I suspect either a McLaren or Red Bull driver to take the top spot. I also expect Kimi Raikkonen and his Lotus E20 to give everyone a run for their money.

Photo courtesy of Louts.


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