Season Begun

What a truly fantastic weekend of Formula 1 racing! As usual the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne’s Albert Park, was home to the season opener.

I went into this race with no expectations. Testing really doesn’t tell us much in terms of who’s going to be “good” during the season, so it was anyone’s game. One thing was for sure, it was all about Mercedes-powered cars. The McLarens were especially fast all weekend, with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, 1-2 on the front row of the starting grid. However, things didn’t fare so well for Red Bull and Ferrari, especially the latter. The F2012 certainly has its faults and they became quite obvious, as the weekend wore on. With that said, massive respect for Fernando Alonso, who somehow managed to finish a respectable 5th, after offing the car in the second round of qualifying, for a starting position of 12th.

When all was said and done though, the man of the hour was (of course) Jenson Button. Another fantastic drive from Button who was just as cool and collected as he always is. This weekend was another fitting reminder of why he’s the new face of McLaren.

Lewis had a respectable drive on Sunday, but was once again beaten by Vettel, who finished 2nd. Some may say the safety car was to blame and if there hadn’t been one, Lewis would’ve been there. That may very well be the case, but he was already out driven by his teammate, at the start of the race.

This is just the beginning and it’s going to be a very long season to come. The cars will be completely different by the end of the season, so it’s still anyone’s game. I’m so stoked Kimi Raikkonen is back. For a guy who just doesn’t seem to care about anything, he’s one hell of a driver. I’d imagine it’ll take a few races for him to get his F1 legs back, but he’s definitely a wild card to look out for this season.

The Malaysian Grand Prix is next weekend and I’ve got a feeling Vettel’s going to have something to say about another McLaren win.

Photo courtesy of McLaren & Hoch Zwei.



  1. What a terrific race. Great drive by JB. I have a feeling that McLaren and Red Bull are just going to keep trading blows and I’m excited to see who comes out on top. But I’m more excited to see who the number three manufacturer’s going to be. The entire midfield looks incredibly strong this year. It should be a good fight between Mercedes, Lotus, Sauber, Force India, Toro Rosso, and even WILLIAMS!

    1. If you want to get even more nit picky, I’d go so far as to say it’s going to be a back and forth between Button and Vettel this season. Just for good measure, I’ll add a few Hamilton wins.

      I’ve got a pretty good feeling that Hamilton will leave McLaren if Jenson comes out on top, in the points again. No idea what team could offer him a better gig, but I’m sure the suits at XIX Entertainment will work it out.

      Vettel actually seemed pretty agitated all weekend, which was a bit of a departure. Despite his drive, Red Bull still have a lot of work to do on that RB8.

      I’ve got no use for Pastor Maldonado and his oil dynasty, but fucking hell, a WILLIAMS doing well! Then he crashed in the last lap and I laughed pretty hard.

      Nico has yet to impress me and if Michael could really buckle down and drive like he used to, Mercedes has a great chance to win some races this year. I still think his stint is a bit of a glorified retirement package because he can’t seem to pull himself away from the sport.

      I can’t wait for Malaysia on Sunday!

      1. I’m seriously excited for this weekend. Personally, I want Weber to take it this year, he deserves it; Vettel has plenty of years left to get his third, which he undoubtedly will if he has Newey. But Weber was part of the Jaguar remnants and stuck with RB during the teething years. He’s bloody quick, but keeps botching the launches, it’s so frustrating to watch.

        JB continues to impress me. He fits in so well at McLaren that he is definitely going to stay in the thick of it this season. I think if Hamilton just stays focused and relaxes (like JB) he will be in the hunt as well.

        After this weekend, Alonso has erased any doubts in my mind that he is still the best driver on the grid. If only he had gotten along with Hamilton better…

        Maldonado may have the backing, but he’s no slouch. He won GP2 and is clearly the better of the Williams pairing.

        Nico’s very similar to Vettel in that he can put together a very fast qualifying lap. I think everything went his way as it often does for Seb, he could finally get that elusive GP win.

        My favorite pairing for the season just might be Sauber though. Kobayashi is always fun to watch and Perez made a big impression on me this weekend. If this keeps up, I think Renault may end up third, Mercedes fourth, with Sauber leapfrogging Ferrari and Force India for fifth.


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