Sentimental Value

You ever have those moments, where you’re just standing around with your friends, staring at each other’s cars? It’s usually an informal setting, like a parking lot after grabbing a bite to eat. Maybe it’s in someone’s driveway before you head inside the house. They’re cars you’ve seen hundreds of times, but there’s always something to look at and something to discuss. Those moments are what makes us car guys (or petrol heads).

Like most, I’ve been going back and forth with my WRX for years. I always want new and different cars, but the idea of selling the WRX never sounded right. In June I will have had the car for 7 years and it sounds cheesy, but we’ve been through a lot in that time. It’s taken me across California, more times than I can count and to my first internship and jobs to follow. It’s been there through girlfriends, all of college and 6 moves. It’s as much a part of me as anything else and the idea of parting ways, almost brings a tear to my eye.

People don’t understand the connections we have with our cars. They think it’s strange and childish. My coworkers think I’m weird when I look out the window to check on the WRX every so often. Maybe that is a little weird, but I’m cool with it.

Right now the WRX is just a commuter, but there’s always the knowledge, that some day it will be completed, once and for all. This car’s story line is far from over and I intend to see it through. It would be a disservice not to give it that, after all that it has given me; the friends, the memories, even the heartache.

There’s no doubt that most cars, develop their own unique personalities. If you drive a one long enough, it becomes an extension of yourself. You learn everything about it; the kinks in the gearbox, the squeaks from the suspension, even the smell of the interior (Air Spencer Squash in my case).

So go enjoy your cars as they should be. Go for a drive, give it a detail, change the oil, tie up those loose ends, you’ve put off for 2 years. Your car will thank you for it. They say everything has its price, but what kind of price can you put on sentiment?



  1. I agree with you Chris.
    I’ve got the same feelings with my old Celica…its 3 years older than me and I still have was brought new from the father in the late 80’s and I hope to keep it for the rest of my life.

  2. “People don’t understand the connections we have with our cars.” You are absolutely correct. It has been in my car I’ve had tears of joy and sadness, feelings of achievement and failures, and pure satisfaction that my car… is mine.

    Thank you for sharing this….

  3. this is something i struggle with. there is something magical about cars. on one hand it’s just metal, glass, plastic, and chemicals, it’s a means of transportation. on the other hand it is an object that has character and we grow emotional bonds with. it is a combination of science and soul. we may think we drive our cars, but in reality, they drive us.

  4. 2 days ago, someone tried to steal my Bugeye WRX from my office parking lot. Only the OEM immobilizer saved it. Since they couldn’t make off with my car, they took my Greddy Informeter, toolbox (with my OEM tools, towhook and TEIN wrenches) and some other stuff. They destroyed the key cylinder and the steering column lock in the process. The day after, I felt the kind of depression you only feel when you get dumped. I felt like that the whole day, having to come back to the same parking spot day after day. I told myself to snap the fuck out of it. But I couldn’t. I mean…it’s just a car, right? No one got hurt. But I felt like my WRX had been raped. It really hit me emotionally, and logic couldn’t explain how I felt.

    I’ve had my bugeye for 6 years now. Started out completely stock. Now it sports a VF23, Tomei stuff, Varis aero, Blitz bits, TEINs, Prodrive headlights, Brembos, Work wheels, etc. I’ve loved every minute and every mile.

    Thank you for posting this. I feel ya, bro.

    Now I know I’m not alone.

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