Heritage: The Original Skylines

Sorting through the external hard drive, means going into the Skyline folder. It’s been ages since I combed the Internet for new photos. I believe I jacked these, off one of my fellow car bloggers, last year.

Few cars Japanese cars, beat a nice Ken & Mary or Hakosuka. I still think living in the moment, is driving the past. It’s so popular to own a Japanese classic these days, and I can totally understand why.

The GC110 or Ken & Mary. The nickname Ken & Mary stuck after Nissan produced a series of television commercials, starring a couple with the same names. A lot of people think the styling of the GC110, is hit or miss. I tend not to agree and that certainly isn’t the case here. Red is no doubt my favorite color, when it comes to the old school and this Kenmeri from Work Wheels, is on point.

You don’t need to go out of your way with the classics; styling is all about simplicity. Nice wheels, some over fenders, maybe a front lip, and you’re done. These cars have heritage and their silhouettes are iconic, so why ruin them?

The Kenmeri is great, but my lust will always be greatest, for the original Skyline, the Hakosuka.

The Hakosuka is to Japan, what the Ferrari 250 GTO is to Italy (yeah I said it). If I had won the lottery last week, I’d be in Japan looking for one right now.

Production of the GC10 ran from 1968-1972 and in that time, 5 variations of the car were released. In 1969, the GT-R made it’s debut with the extremely rare, 160hp S20 engine. Because of the coupe’s boxy shape, fans of the car, began referring to it as Hakosuka, which essentially means Boxy Skyline, in Japanese. The name stuck and today the Hakosuka is one of the most beloved and sought-after, of all the Japanese classics. Rightfully so, as it spawned quite possibly, the greatest family of Japanese sports cars ever.

It’s no wonder that there’s been a massive resurgence in the popularity of the classics. Who knows, maybe 40 years from now, the cars we’re driving could be viewed the same. I doubt it.



  1. Son of a bitch. Y U gotta post this when I want a Hako? haha I’d kill for a 4 door Hako. Or even a 4 door Yonmeri… But honestly, I’d take the Yonmeri. Everyone else is going nuts for Hakos and I want something people don’t want, lol.


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