D Language GRB

I’m trying to figure out who D Language is exactly. I always thought they were cars built by Bozz Speed, which we all know well. But after checking out the company’s website, it becomes even more unclear.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing the D Language GRB popping up at more and more events lately. Here it is at this month’s Hyper Meeting, wearing some Varis aero.

The livery looks pretty good, a lot less thrown together, then some of it’s peers.

I’m just so bored with the current crop of Imprezas. How many times have we seen a GRB with a Varis front bumper? I’m really excited for things to start happening with the BRZ. A lot of shops are beginning to start BRZ projects, including Bozz Speed. The Subaru community is long overdue for something new and exciting.

Photo courtesy of Varis.


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