Just Buy Enkei

I hate these bitches, who cry about how expensive Rays and Advans are. They use it as their justification, for rocking Rotas and other shit wheels. Why not save the stress, of having to explain yourself all the time and pick up some Enkeis?

They’re relatively light, extremely well made and very affordable. The RPF1s and NT03s also look fucking amazing on Subarus. I’d love to get a set of RPF1s, so I can wrap them in R-Comps and do track days.

Enkei have been killing it lately, with their new wheel designs. They also supply multiple Formula 1 teams, including McLaren. So why are you still trying to justify your fakes? Get the real thing and be happy you did.

Photo courtesy of timeXlost.



  1. i dont understand your hate for knock off wheels completely. yes i love enkie however the RPF1 isn’t exactly the most beautiful of wheels and the NT03 is great looking but not offered in the widths that alot of knock off wheels are. now this being said. people need to quit justifying buying what ever they do. if i had the cash i would have about 5 different sets of wheels, and for the track RPF1 all the way.

    1. Hate? Is your vocabulary really this tight? Functional parts were NEVER beautiful in the eyes of RICERS anyways. Widths? Already disappointed you can’t stretch your favorite Chinese tires on a 10-inch wide rim?

  2. I love love love me some rpf1’s, but I can still see the value in a cheap knock off wheel. They are perfect for situations where you don’t want to damage an expensive wheel, and yes, to me the rpf1 is expensive. I’d take a rota over stock wheels.

    1. There is no value in a cheap knock off wheel…how RPF1s can be expensive is beyond me. I mean, you’re buying F1 technology for the street…

  3. All subaru owners who rock rotas should get their car taken away and given a shitty civic because thats were rotas belong!!”

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