Truth In 24 II

Back in 2009, Audi Motorsport released Truth In 24. The film follows Audi to their Championship season, ending at Le Mans. If you haven’t seen it, it’s available as a free download on iTunes. Truth In 24 is one of the best motorsports documentaries I’ve ever seen and now there’s a sequel.

Truth In 24 II is out in just 17 days and documents the team’s 2011 season. If you had the chance to watch last year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, then you know how good this is going to be. I cannot wait!

Video courtesy of Audi.



  1. OMG. I had no idea this was coming. Perfect timing too with summer just around the corner. That McNish crash was nasty last year. Alan seems to have the worst luck at Le Sarthe.

    1. I watched about 18 of the 24 hours last June. It was quite a race for Audi and I can’t wait to see how it’s portrayed on film. I hope they’re bringing Statham back for the voiceover too.

      They’re looking pretty good for this year’s race too!

      Earl you never gave me your thoughts on Bahrain!

      1. lol bahrain was “meh” compared to the first three races. i’m glad vettel’s back on top, but this year i’m hoping webber gets his day in the sun. the consistent 4, 4th places leave him looking good. mclaren was off form that weekend, not sure what’s going on in he pits. i still stand by my original statement, the battle for third place in the constructors is probably the thing to keep track of. the world championship battle is turning out to be epic though, i hope it keeps up. super excited for the europe schedule to start.

        i agree with schumi though that the tires this year drop off way too much. i think a compromise between last year and this year should be made. otherwise when they go to monaco, what are the super softs going to do, drop off after 5 laps?

  2. oh and congrats to lotus, they may now be the number 3 manufacturer, rather than their self-predicted 4th.

    about the nico “incidents,” i agree with the stewards ultimate decision, but not the way they went about it. my friend and i discussed this in depth, he had position and was free to choose his line, so hami and alonso should have backed off. he wasn’t blocking, he just went really wide. was it aggressive? you bet you. but was it illegal? i don’t think so.

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