A couple weeks ago, I said that I’ve been continually impressed, by some of the cars coming out of Canada lately. Jason’s GVB STi is one such car. This thing is money.

The GVB hasn’t proven to be as popular with the tuning scene, as some of the past iterations of the Impreza. I can’t see why, as the car has plenty of potential.

The Voltex wing fits the rear perfectly.

No matter which Impreza you’re looking at, the rear corner is always the car’s best angle. White on white is a tough combination to pull off properly, he’s done it.

Lots of great things going on in Canada right now. Hopefully Jason doesn’t mind me using his photos and make sure to visit his Flickr, for more shots of his STi.

Photos courtesy of Jason Hoang.



  1. Oh I love this car. Volk TE-37s rims have been around forever and they still look sexy. But Im not sold on that huge wing!

  2. Hey man, just stumbled across your blog! Thanks for the post on the whip! I appreciate it!

    Love the blog.

    1. Hey Jason! I’ve been peeping your personal blog for a while. You’ve definitely got the best GVB in N. America, I love the Varis kit!

      Thanks for the kind words! If you ever have some time, shoot me an e-mail, I’d love to chat more about your Suby.

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