Force Majeure

WTF McLaren? I’m at a loss for words. Week after week, the team completely destroys their driver’s races. The latest sees pole sitter, Lewis Hamilton starting in 24th, after a grid spot penalty. His MP4-27 failed to have enough fuel, following Q3.

Heads should be rolling back in Woking because the current staff, seems incapable of running a successful Formula 1 operation. If they’re trying to drive Hamilton (who had one hell of a tumultuous season in 2011) away from the team, they’re doing a great job of it. Lotus is starting to look pretty good these days.

Pastor Maldonado in pole? Unbelievable.



  1. mistakes happen, but as far as cock ups go not having enough fuel is bad. Even if he was heavy, after getting into q3, the worst position he could have was 10. They messed up bad. Not to point fingers but the team was a lot stronger when Ron Dennis was in charge, wonder what Whitmarsh’s fate is going to be if they keep imploding.

    1. Just finished watching the GP. Feed Whitmarsh to the wolves! I will point fingers and say that he’s responsible as TP. More crap pit stops for Lewis and a pretty horrendous drive for Button who hasn’t been able to manage the car, for the last couple races. I’m in complete disbelief with McLaren right now.

      With that said, a 24 spot penalty was overly harsh. The team fucked up Q3 and that’s what they should’ve been disqualified from. Hamilton would’ve been able to start in 11th. Completely not his fault and it’s a real shame to see a driver do everything right and have a team fail them so badly…

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