3 Days To Monaco

The Grand Prix of Monaco is nearly here. The teams have begun practice, for what will surely be one of the most exciting events of the year. If there’s one Formula 1 race you should watch, it’s this one.

Set on the winding streets of Monte Carlo, a tax haven on the Mediterranean, the Grand Prix of Monaco is the most glamorous race on the sport’s calender.

Passing is notoriously difficult on the Circuit de Monaco, so qualifying will be extremely important, and I’m sure we’ll see every driver out in Q3.

Rain is on the forecast this weekend, but the setting was beautiful as ever, for Thursday practice.

I absolutely cannot wait for this weekend! The Grand Prix of Monaco is one of my favorite races of the year and I’m so happy it’s back again!

Photos courtesy of F1 Fanatic.



  1. Ah Monaco, do I dare call it the best parade on earth? The second home race to many of the drivers. The only time they get a Friday off to do PR and party.

    Personally, Monaco isn’t very fun to watch, but it seems like from a driver’s perspective it’s a very challenging course.

    Looking at practice times, it seems with the exception of Grosjean, everyone’s still all over the place. I’m glad Massa is doing well. He, along with Webber, deserves a championship. He almost had it too in 08, when divine intervention gave Hamilton the rain he needed.

    Can’t wait for the weekend to see qualifying results and watch the race. I had two pit passes for the Indy 500, yet I’m back home as I’d rather watch Monaco with my friends, among other things.

    1. I’ve got a good feeling about Lewis this weekend. A podium for him, I predict. Massa is done with Ferrari, doesn’t matter if he improves at this point. They’ve done little to hide their discontent in the media. Whether he’s done with F1 is a completely different matter, but I expect to see a new number 2 with Alonso, possibly after August break.

      I still have to e-mail you back, which I haven’t forgotten about. I’ve been tied up the last couple days.

      I’d skip the 500 too LOL. Indycar doesn’t interest me in the least bit.

  2. Let there be rain! Monaco is best when it’s wet. The 2008 race was one of the best I’ve see. Watching Sutil climb up to 4th then getting taken out by Raikkonen embodied the wave of emotions that racing can produce.

  3. I am LOVING this season. As soon as I dismiss Schumi, he makes me eat my words. Depending on how strategies play out and a bit of luck, this may be his long-awaited return to the podium.

    While we were at the bars yesterday, my friends and I were making our predictions for this race and the rest of the championship. They were hesitant to make predictions in this most unpredictable of seasons. They’re preliminary guess was a Lotus and Raikonen double. My money was on Merc and Hamilton or Webber, with Raikonen potentially sneaking in, like in 09.

    I’m excited Webber is in P1. I REALLY hope he has a good, clean, quick launch. If he can make it out of turn 1 in the lead, I think he has a really good chance at winning at Monaco again. I’m totally geeked for tomorrow’s race.

    1. Just finished watching the GP. Things ended up working fantastically for Webber! I’m so stoked he got his first win of the season and in Monaco no less! Vettel’s strategy would’ve worked brilliantly, had the rain ended up happening. I’m also becoming more and more of an Alonso fan with every GP that passes. The guy is brilliant.

      McLaren are still killing me right now. Lewis is so close week after week. Luck just isn’t coming to him. For all the hype surrounding the MP4-27 at the start of season, it’s not proving to be a very good car. JB has had a horrendous couple of races and I still think the team are in shambles after those ruined pit stops.

      I don’t care for Nico Rosberg or his Mercedes and I was bummed to see him finish 2nd. I would’ve rather seen Vettel 3rd with Nico out of the picture (yes I just said I’d rather see Vettel LOL).

      Working on the recap tonight which should hopefully be up by tomorrow. Let the discussion begin!

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