Throwback Thursdays: Advan RG

I love timeless design. Whether it’s a Fender Stratocaster, a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers or a Moleskine notebook, their shelf lives are limitless because they will always be cool. It’s the simplicity in their designs, that keeps them relevant through the years.

The Advan RG is timeless. Its 6-spoke design, set the groundwork, for many Advan Racing wheels to follow.

The wheel’s elegance is found in its simplicity; the curved spokes, with the slightest rounded edges and the indigo blue stripe, outlining the lip. In a gold finish, the RG is nothing short of iconic.

Advan currently has the best wheel lineup of any other brand and nearly all of the their designs, share some DNA with the RG.

I want these wheels, not just because they’re beautiful, but because they’re a reflection of the era, in which my car originates. They were made famous on the JUN Super Lemon Impreza, amongst dozens of other demo cars, from the turn of the century.

Of course, the RG is something of a unicorn these days. To find a set in good shape is a rarity. To find them in the proper sizing, next to impossible. I came across this particular set on an Australian GT-R forum, 2 years ago. I believe they’re 17×9.5, which is exactly the size I’d look for. These with 255s, would make for an aggressive combination. Timeless design gets better with age and I’m confident the RG will look great, no matter how many years pass.



  1. I’d love a set also. But I preffer the SSR Type C RS, to me is a better 6 spoke design with thinner profile spokes and metter fabrication… plus I happen to own a set!

    But these will also look great on our blue WRXs…

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