In Its Element

Some of you may remember Alex’s bugeye. In case you don’t here’s a few more photos of a great looking Subaru, doing work at the track!

I’d love to get some more information on this car. If you’re reading Alex, send me an e-mail!

TE37 SLs have pretty much taken over the scene in the last couple years. It took me a while to warm up to their styling, but they really do look good on so many different cars.

A crowd of spectators out to admire a truly proper Impreza in its element.

Photos in my last post of Alex’s car, came courtesy of Terrance Tong, not sure if he’s also responsible for these shots?



  1. Beautiful car! My brother hat picked up a bug eye. Does anyone know what kind of headlights this are?

  2. Concave face TE’s!!! I really need to save and get some concave face te37’s for my mr2.

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