A car that can’t maintain grip. A driver who’s fallen off a cliff since March. A team principal who’d rather gloat to the media, than organize his team. A pit crew who are just now, beginning to perform (midseason). Does anyone else think McLaren should have their attention invested in other things? Judging by “Episode 01”, there’s more of this to come.

Video courtesy of Ron Dennis.



  1. I commented exactly the same sentiment on Speedhunters where I saw it. This sort of thing makes me want Lewis to leave for another team, because at this rate he’ll never win another WDC.

    1. Ultimately, I think Hamilton wants to be at McLaren for the rest of his career. Whether that will happen, is another story. I think the team really need to pull their heads out of their asses and get grip and tire issues worked out.

      1. I think you’re right on all fronts there. I’m glad he wants to stay there, but I can’t stand behind McLaren for any of there actions this year.

  2. I think progress is slow in Woking, but at least they seem to have gotten their pitting strategy worked out. That 2.8 second stop at Silverstone was unreal. Hopefully the team will be able to regroup after their “emergency meeting” and the August holiday. The car definitely needs some new aero, as their latest modifications have not done the job.

    The real shame is with the way Hamilton is driving, he could easily have won multiple races this year. It’s just the car and the rest of the team pull him down. I really respect his diligence and composure though. If this were the Lewis of 2 years ago, he’d have thrown McLaren under the bus and demanded a seat on a new team. He wants to make it work and sometimes that’s half the battle.

    Button has no hopes of competing for the Driver’s Championship in 2012, but that’s not to say massive improvement isn’t on the horizon for him. Just finishing in the top 10, on a regular basis, would be a big leap compared to where he’s been. I’m looking forward to September, to see where the teams are at after a break.

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