Varis GVB Impreza

It’s been taking me a while to warm up to the GVB. Even though Subaru made the right decision and went back to a sedan, I think the GDB is a superior looking car. However, Varis is making a compelling argument for the current model.

With the exception of their recent GRB widebody kit, they nail it every time. Varis really does produce some of the industry’s best aero products and this kit is no exception. The front bumper and canards add an aggressiveness this car so desperately needs. The Prodrive GC-014i is also a great looking and underrated wheel.

Photo courtesy of Varis.


One comment

  1. I’m still on the fence about the GVB. I think the GRB is better looking, but without participation in WRC, I question why STIs still exist at all.

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