Rivalries Come And Go

Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren form the biggest rivalries on 2012’s Formula 1 grid. Lotus could also be thrown into the mix, based on this year’s performance. But 20 years ago, a different rivalry was in full swing.

After years of McLaren dominance, Williams were shaking things up with their Renault-powered FW14. The Adrian Newey designed car, was the most technically advanced on the grid and at the hands of Nigel Mansell, won 9 races that year. He would go on to win the Driver’s Championship with Williams winning the Constructor’s Championship.

Meanwhile at McLaren, things weren’t going so well as Ayrton Senna struggled in the MP4/7A. The car was extremely unreliable and was retired from 7 races. Senna would still drive to 3 race wins that year, placing him 4th in the Driver’s World Championship. It would be the first time since 1987, that McLaren didn’t win the Constructor’s Championship.

Photo courtesy of Williams.


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