Revisit: Sydney’s Finest

Some of you may remember a certain GDA from Australia, I featured last summer. The car in question is owned by Hendra and it’s been given quite the facelift in the last 11 months.

This is one of the most serious GDA builds I’ve come across in all my time doing A Class. The formally red WRX was always a head turner, but now it’s become a bona fide street brawler, thanks to a new coat of paint and some exterior pieces from Varis and HTAutos. The 18×11 +15 AEM Tracer TM02s have taken on a darker shade which beautifully contrasts with the black and carbon accents on the car.

The dark gun metallic paint is something rarely seen on bugeyes and it suits the car well.

I’ve held off posting Hendra’s WRX revamp because my friend John also featured it on Bugeye Garage recently. Head over there for lots of additional pictures!

I hope to see a lot more from this build in the future.

Photos courtesy of RLH Photography.



  1. Loving the race stance and meaty tires. This car screams get the fuck out of my way!

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