Alpine Roads By Frank Schott

Yesterday we took a look at the beautiful Le Mans Classic, a photo series by Laurent Nivalle. Today will continue in a similar fashion with Frank Schott’s Alpine Roads.

The Alps have long been a mecca for thrill seekers and weekend warriors. Its roads are laced across peaks and valleys as if Mother Nature herself had created them. Many of us were first acquainted with these roads when Top Gear visited the Stelvio Pass back in 2007. That road has since become somewhat of a motoring icon.

With the photo series Alpine Roads, Frank Schott has gone on to document some of the best the Alps have to offer.








It’s as if all of the world’s great racing circuits came together and created a best of track, nestled amongst the stunning backdrop of the Alps.

The roads span from France to Switzerland to Italy and it’s no wonder that petrol heads from all over flock here.

Visit Frank’s website for the entire series and consider moving to Europe.

Photos courtesy of Frank Schott.


One comment

  1. Love this Post. Makes me want a classic BMW or Porsche and drive up and down these roads all day long

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