The Podium Interview

Why exactly do we have the podium interview? FOM would probably tell you that it’s an opportunity for the drivers to better connect with fans. But rather than the candid, face-to-face experience FOM was hoping for, we’ve been treated to awkward fidgeting, question dodging and a panel of celebrity interviewers who seem even more uncomfortable than the drivers.

The irony is that neither the drivers nor the fans seem to be on board with this style of post-race interview. Even Jenson Button made comments about the awkwardness while being questioned by Spa legend Jacky Ickx on Sunday.

No one likes being put on the spot, especially in front of 5000 fans and every member of every rival team in the sport. Maybe FOM likes watching their drivers squirm on the podium, which seems a strange contrast to the elation felt after winning a Grand Prix.

The previous style of post-race interview allowed for a much more honest discussion from the drivers and gave all of us more insight to their strategies during the race. If FOM wants to hand the top 3 finishers a mic to thank the fans, fine. But save the interview for the press, because this post-race ritual is just plain awkward.

Photo courtesy of Red Bull/Getty Images.


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