Back In Action?

What’s the deal with the Cyber Evo? The iconic car was retired last year after being the undisputed Time Attack king. However, we were all thrown a curve ball when a wildly different looking Evo IX was seen at the World Time Attack Challenge earlier this summer.

The car bore the name but resembled little else from its original performance and appearance.

At Tokyo Auto Salon Team Cyber announced a new partnership with C-West and their Cyber GT-R project. But what about Voltex? Surely Team Cyber wouldn’t part ways with the aero parts designer that made them famous? Their lack of involvement in the “new” car seems very strange.

Maybe I’m creating a story where there is none, but I’m genuinely interested in what happened. If I know anything about Japanese tuning shops it’s that they’re hardly how they appear on the surface and there’s always some kind of drama going on.


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