McLaren’s Pristine P1

Rumors of an F1 successor have been swirling ever since the car ceased production in 1998. Following last week’s teaser video, McLaren have offered a first look at their “ultimate supercar”.

On first impressions, the P1 looks fantastic. The McLaren DNA is definitely visible throughout.

According to Ron Dennis, the P1 will be “the quickest and most rewarding series production road car on a circuit”. McLaren have yet to release any technical specs but there are rumors the car will have a twin-turbo V8 similar to the MP4-12C and some kind of KERS system.

Look for its official debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

Photos courtesy of McLaren.


One comment

  1. Since it is a McLaren, I know it will be fantastic. However, I don’t know about the front/rear ends. The profile is terrific, but the design reminds me of the Mazda wind philosophy or whatever. It’s easy to spot the headlight being the shape of the McLaren logo, but I don’t like how the fenders look like they’re wrapped around the bumper

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