Some time ago there was a fork placed in the aggressive fitment road. Some folks went down the path of least resistance and achieved recognition in parking lots across the internet. Other folks went down the more enlightened path and paired their aggressive wheels with equally aggressive tires.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Subarus with over fenders lately. The GC and GD model Imprezas were always known for their aggressive fenders so the idea of getting over fenders wasn’t something that caught on right away. If I recall, one of the first cars I saw doing it was the LIC Motorsports STi.

It’ makes for a very aggressive look and in many cases works quite well.

Signs of driving abuse are indeed a good thing. With the proper meaty tires, the GC and GD Imprezas have the potential to look great with over fenders (rivets and all).

This car owned by jutes85 is a yet another Canadian build doing things proper. I’ve said it countless times, the scene up there is fast creeping up on the US. They may have already passed us.

Photo courtesy of jutes85.



    1. Good feature and I agree with you. It’s tough to do aggressive wheels…and tires on a stock bodied Impreza. That hawkeye is beautiful!

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