Rocket Bunny FR-S

So the Ben Sopra GT-R isn’t my thing. However, the Rocket Bunny FR-S is an entirely different story.

I wasn’t feeling the Rocket Bunny kit at all when I first saw it. The wheel fitment was cartoonishly horrid and the whole car appeared to have had an allergic reaction.

But then I saw this video by Maiham-Media and it completely changed my mind.


Miura-san knows what he’s doing and his FR-S looks fantastic on the move. In motion it’s a completely different beast and suddenly the bulging fenders and crazy fitment starts to make sense.

This is one occasion where I’ve happily had to eat my words.

Photo & video courtesy of Maiham-Media.




  1. Agreed. After seeing the video, I’ve come to like it. It definitely has a tough looking presence. It’s still ridiculous if there are no engine mods to back up the kit though. You’re going nowhere fast with 10.5s and only 200hp…

      1. I want to see it on a red 86 before I buy, lol. 😛 I’m also looking forward to a full kit from them eventually.

  2. I’m sure that’ll look great but I feel once a car gets to that level, it becomes more of a showpiece than something that gets used. I’ve always loved the simplicity of their lip kits too. It’s really all the FR-S needs. I hope they do something with the BRZ too. That car is getting no love right now!

    1. That is true. I’m trying to decide between Revolution front lip (with ChargeSpeed sides and rear), the full ChargeSpeed kit, or Varis. The only reason I’m hesitating with my options is because I don’t know which direction I want to take with my FRS. :\

      If I had a BRZ, I’d be all over the STi parts. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve been staring at this the last few days. I think it looks damn good.

      1. You know me, I love STi stuff so I’d be all over that if I had the BRZ. I hope the turbo one that’s rumored for 2014 is an STi model!

        I’m just really hyped on the Varis kit after seeing the Original Runduce car. Everything about it looks great including the Advans which have some very nice fitment for a 5×100 car.

        I was expecting some big things from Vertex but they kind of dropped the ball on that lip kit they did. It’s just kind of old school looking, really chunky. I’d like to see what they can do with a full bumpers.

  3. Yeah, I’m kinda surprised they got a GTR face with such a high offset (9J +52). If they were offered in 9J +45 or 40, I would’ve already ordered them. Finding legit, decently sized wheels in 5×100 is almost impossible. I have no idea why Toybaru picked the worst PCD of all time. Talk about dropping the ball… haha I’m probably going to pick up a set of CE28s though.

    I agree, Vertex looks kinda dumb. It’s not bad, but it could’ve been much better. Maybe I’m just picky, but there really isn’t anything that’s really caught my eye and made me say, “Damn, I want that so bad.”

  4. I wouldn’t call the Rocket Bunny kit pretty but it does have an undeniable presence and character to it.

    So far, my favorite lip kit for the BRZ is the Charge Speed Bottom Line. It’s incredibly simple it could be mistaken for OEM.

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