Varis 86

For how little time the FR-S has been on the market, there’s still plenty of people who’ve ruined them. When a car looks good from the factory, it can be difficult for aero companies to produce a successful look. There’s already quite a few unsavory kits out there, however when it comes to Varis you know a car is in good hands.


Happily they’ve done it again with their 86 demo car. I’m not amazed that the FR-S takes well to rear wings, however I am amazed just how much they change the car’s overall appearance. It goes from being a sporty runaround to a full blown track car with just a few tweaks.

It’s unsurprising that Varis is producing my favorite aero for the FR-S right now. The Rocket Bunny I discussed last month is definitely cool, but it’s overdone. Practically every demo car at SEMA had it and when the industry becomes that unimaginative, it makes you wonder if 1 guy is running the show.

Photo courtesy of Varis.


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