It’s been 4 brilliant years. If you were to tell me about all the great people I’d meet along the way and just how much fun I’d have sharing my passion with the Internet, I wouldn’t have believed a word of it.


In the winter of 2007 I started my first car blog, Pacific Style. I was traveling to Japan and wanted something to chronicle the experience. Pacific Style was fun and forced me to become much more involved with cars, especially JDM. However, after 8 months of doing the first blog I wanted a change. I wanted a more interesting name and a stronger content focus. On December 7, 2008 A Class was born. I always wanted A Class to be an automotive lifestyle blog. It was intended to tell the stories beyond the cars. It was about the people and the places and how the cars embodied both. Whether or not that’s been successful is, I suppose, up to the readers. One thing I’ve never lost sight of is staying true to my opinions. Everything has been from an enthusiasts perspective and has never been swayed by the politics of the industry. My mission has always been that of a storyteller. Anyone can grab photos from a Google image search. We’re all guilty, myself included, but good photos are only half of it. The content is in many ways more important because it’s what gives us all a voice.

The journey has been amazing and the support, unquestionably has been what’s kept me motivated. From a writer’s perspective nothing makes me happier than to hear how it’s impacted someone, whether good or bad. As we move into an age of instant gratification through 140 character Tweets and Instagram photo feeds, I hope that there remains a place for good stories and people who enjoy reading them.

2012 was a year heavily influenced by my passion for Formula 1 racing. The shift in focus may have turned away some of the more JDM-minded readers, but I think we all owe some of our passion to motor racing. It has a direct influence on the cars we drive daily and I’m grateful if my F1 commentary has sparked just a bit of interest in fans new and old. For a while I had become disenchanted with the tuning scene. It lost its way for long time. Wheel fitment became the dominant force and people lost sight of their passion for cars. We became obsessed with building for the sake of others. To roll with the pack is to stay under the radar and keep unwanted attention away. While the global economy continues to struggle, there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. The Germans continue to put smiles on our faces with V8 and twin turbo monsters and lets not forget about our friends in Japan. The FR-S/BRZ has been a sensation worldwide and it may have just saved a dying industry. While Imprezas get softer and Evos fight off retirement, GT-Rs will eventually flood the used market and everyone can still get down with 240s. There’s a lot to look forward too and you can be sure that this blog will be around for it all. With nearly a million visitors and 1200 articles later, things are in many ways just getting started. So here’s to another 4 years and many more to follow! Thank you all so much for the support and the readership. Cheers.




  1. Congrats Chris..your posts and opinions always make me come backf or more!
    Keep on Keeping On!

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