The Smurf

There’s just so much right about this 2002 WRX from Mann Engineering.


What started life as a street driven WRX has now become a full fledged track racer.


Some of the build’s many highlights include the 18×8 Speedline Corse Turinis and AP Racing 6-pot brake kit.


The relatively stock looking engine bay does well to disguise the fully built 2.5L Cosworth monster lurking beneath the hood.


The all business interior perfectly blends track and street. I love when roll cages are incorporated with a car’s stock dash and trim. Fantastic!


The Smurf’s exterior features your usual blend of JDM STi touches with an enormous APR GTC-300 wing.

It’s funny how my tastes in modifying have changed so much over the years. This is what I lust over these days. Do yourself a favor and check out more of this awesome build on Mann’s website!

Photos courtesy of Mann Engineering.


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