Will Buxton Joins NBC

NBC’s new pit lane reporter is indeed Will Buxton! Buxton announced the move earlier today on Twitter, thus completing the network’s Formula 1 broadcast team in 2013. With SPEED’s old crew at the helm, it should be an easy transition for American fans.


Many have been skeptical of NBC’s commitment to Formula 1 and how the network would handle the sport. SPEED’s broadcast always left much to be desired. Budget constraints and a lack of interest from the network were to blame and a fresh start on a new network may be just what the sport needs in an emerging market. Since joining SPEED’s team, Buxton has been one of Formula 1’s greatest assets in the states and hopefully we can all expect big things to come in 2013!

Photo courtesy of Will Buxton.



  1. I’m interested to see if NBC continues SPEED’s tradition of dumbing down the quality of the broadcast for American audiences or if they’ll cater more towards F1 fans.

    1. I suspect the format won’t be as slick as the BBC or Sky, however NBC have a lot more money to throw at the broadcast and their team is more than capable of delivering a high level of commentary. I think Steve Matchett and Will Buxton are the strongest members of the team and based on some of Will’s Tweets, they are planning some big things. I’m more curious than anything else but I think it’s a move in the right direction.

      I always felt SPEED failed to capture the grander of the sport with its basic editing and horrendous music selection. I think we can all be thankful for the handful of races that will no longer be shown on FOX during the summer months.

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