Vertex 86 At Tokyo Auto Salon

Like many of you I’ll be tucking into some serious car porn this weekend as the automotive blogosphere is flooded with Tokyo Auto Salon coverage. Expect to see the usual helping of GT-Rs and a massive onslaught of Toyota 86s. There will of course be some Evos here and there and if we’re lucky an STi or two. I’m also looking forward to the inevitable hybrid, badly disguising itself as a viable platform for modifying. It’s the greatest car show of them all, contrary to what you might have read on Speedhunters…

There are a couple shops I always look forward to seeing, one of which being Vertex. Their 86 demo car will be the centerpiece of their exhibition this year.


I presume Vertex will eventually produce multiple aero options for the 86 as this one is simply a lip kit. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for front and rear bumpers and potentially a wide body Ridge kit.


Expect the usual roster of tuning shops and parts manufacturers to bring out the big guns. Varis looks to be offering their own wide body option for the 86 this year and what they have in store is pretty interesting.

I’ll be doing my best to provide some element of coverage throughout the weekend. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Photos courtesy of Vertex.


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