BenSopra 180SX At TAS

Tokyo Auto Salon coverage is hitting hard now that the show is underway. The 86/BRZ siblings are the undisputed stars of 2013, but there’s still a host of other interesting builds new and old. We’ve all come to know Miura-san for his work with the GT-R and 86, but this year he’s unveiled one of the more interesting “S” Chassis’ of the show.


These are the kinds of builds Tokyo Auto Salon was invented for.


I’ve been more than vocal on my distaste for BenSopra’s work on the GT-R, however this rendition of the kit works quite well on the 180SX.


It’s not just looks either. Under the hood is the VR38 from the GT-R producing an insane 1100 horsepower!

I won’t attempt to summarize Tokyo Auto Salon, as there are bloggers/photographers at the show doing that. However, I will be posting some of my favorite cars throughout the weekend so stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of CarWatch.



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