Blitz BRZ At TAS

I’m thinking of turning A Class into an 86 & GT-R blog because they’re about all that’s worth posting from Tokyo Auto Salon this year.

Apparently Blitz has mistakenly thought they’ve become part of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.


I’m sorry but this car just isn’t working. The wheels don’t look right, the vinyl wrap is hideous and what’s up with that aero?


I’m having difficulty with TAS this year. Granted, my entire window into the show is from a computer at home, but I can’t help but be disappointed. I’ve spent the better part of the weekend checking out dozens of blogs and Japanese automotive websites and there’s just not a whole lot to talk about. If anything TAS is (worryingly) reminding me of another car show which will not be named. Have you ever seen so many badly modified exotics, European imports and American cars at TAS? I sure haven’t.

I’ll keep digging around the Internet to see what else is out there, but things are looking pretty sparse.

Photos courtesy of CarWatch.


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