JUN’s been a big name at Tokyo Auto Salon for over a decade now. They’ve always got something up their sleeves and this year is no exception.


Yes folks, another BenSopra kitted GT-R has come among us. It’s been no secret on A Class that I absolute despise this kit in every way. Don’t take that out of context however. I have loads of respect for Miura-san and everything he’s been doing in the tuning industry lately.


Like Top Secret, JUN was always known to produce their own aero parts. They made what is probably my all time favorite bumper for the GDA Impreza. Yet in 2013 we’re seeing less of a variety of products from these shops. Maybe it’s a return to doing what they’re truly good at and in the case of JUN, it’s all about power.


They offer any number of options and different levels of tuning for the GT-R’s VR38. This is an example of the same 4L motor that’s in their demo car.

Regardless of BenSopra kits and Top Secret making less original parts, it’s really good to see how many shops are still working with the GT-R. This car’s been around for 5 years now and the following is just as strong, if not more so. It’s popularity in the tuning industry gives Nissan another reason to keep making it, which is something many have questioned in 2012.

Photos courtesy of CarWatch.


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