Top Fuel At TAS

I’m having one hell of a time finding any sort of Impreza presence at Tokyo Auto Salon. People must have forgotten about the STi in the midst of all this 86 & BRZ chaos. I’m also doing my best not to repost the same cars you’ve been looking at all day long.

Top Fuel showed up with a few demo cars this year including this 86.


Black cars have really been appealing to me lately, with the 86 being no exception.


While it’s hard to see on a black car, I could do without the INGS aero for which I’ve never been a fan. I’m sure this car will be fully kitted in Voltex once they get their aero finished sometime this year. The Advan RS-IIs however are working very nicely.


The car’s been dubbed the 0-1000 Type RR something or other and I’m not quite sure why. With the supercharger kit, it’s putting out 250 horsepower which is good for an 86 but hardly a monster.

Top Fuel also brought out their S2000 Time Attack car which will be in Australia at the WTCC later this year.


Leave it to Voltex for producing pure insanity! It’s a shame they’re no longer part of Team Cyber…


The engine’s been boosted to over 700 horsepower. That’ll do just fine!

What’s so interesting this year is just how much the tuning industry is changing. So many of the big players have faded into the background. Maybe it’s the move to more eco-mentalist motoring or maybe it’s the fact that the Japanese automotive industry just isn’t as exciting as it was 5-10 years ago. The golden era of turbocharged street monsters seems to be giving way to a more eclectic range of small displacement cars built for handling and a resurgence of vintage motoring. Granted I’m hardly in a position to summarize a show I haven’t even attended, but the landscape (even from abroad) is certainly changing. Whether for better or for worse, I’m not too sure…

Photos courtesy of CarWatch.


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